Friday, 11 March 2011

Some considerations, my role in the world!

Here I am again,
more than one month passed since the last time I wrote...
In this month a lot of things happened in the World and in my life:
Revolutions in Africa and Middle East,
New events happened in Italy,
I went with Oriana to the EBBF-AIESEC congress and to the Shared Responsibility Congress organized by EU
I attended the "Marketing and promotion for tourism" event organized by BTO Educational.
I learnt also to use twitter in an usefull way (communicating with the protesters from Africa)

At the end of all this, the question for me became one, only, simply, one:
How can I be useful and relevant for world/people development?
and then:
...Which has to be my blog's role in all this?

Until now this blog is only as a diary is...and for me it's pretty ok, but can become more, and I would like this to happen'... this means a lot of work, time, passion and continuity... am I able to provide continuity with this blog? Perhaps not... or perhaps yes!!  What I know is that can be something that represents me, that can be something useful to spread my network and facilitate my comunication with the whole World; all what I need is a structure for myself!

Give me the time to imagine it, to build it, and I will come back here again, and ask for your opinions, and give mine.

Coming Soon: ME!

Have a nice day,
please pray for Africa, Meadle East and Japan... please pray for each one of us.


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