Monday, 14 March 2011

Creativity, culture, people development

Here I am,
again and again =)

Today I worked on Umberto's Light Bulb blog, and I find the idea...
I would like to create contents, discussion and sharing on creativity, culture and people development.
I will post about creative, strange, cool, brillant ideas that I will find by my way, and if you will share it with me I would like also about yours creation, or about what you will find by your way.
I will write about tools and tips for develop our creativity,  about culture, and about creativity's brillant outputs.

Creativity is what will help us to grow, and to develop ourselves, creativity will bring us to a better world if matched with culture, equity and justice.
Creativity is also what enjoys me...
Because of all this, to discuss and share ideas on "creativity, culture and development" will be my principal purpose with this blog.

...Let's paint together for a better future =))

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