Monday, 14 March 2011

Creativity training in everyday's life

Today I'm inspired dear friends, and I want immediately to give 2 simple suggestions on how to develop your creativity!

Basis: Some theories says that in a person creativity development comes through the interaction between the right and the left cerebral hemisphere. Summarizing you can create this interaction doing, feeling new things.
To do: simply, do new things, or better do the same things that you ever do in a different way!
Some examples: if you clean your teeth with your right hand change the hand and do it with the left one... if you do the shower face to the "telephone", let's turn and do it with the back to it,... the second time try to do it with all your hands in the air or why not, raising a leg... train your crativity and your brain in find new things to do or new ways to do things

Basis: Brain can be trained
To do: invent a question, a simple question (as example: "how can I go to Rome" or "how can I give away smiles to people around me?") then start to write down each simple/stupid thing that come out to your mind, it doesn't matter if is impossible to realize it, it doesn't matter if is a fantastic answer... the only thing important is to answer without putting barriers or limit to our ideas. Try to arrive to 300 answers, or try to arrive to 400... usually after the answer number 200, approximately, you will start to find troubles, and that's the moment where you are implementing your ability!

I want to leave you with a famous video. A video concerning new things, new ways, new ideas (and also marketing)...
Have a look and, why not, try it at home =D

What do you think about all this?
Have a nice day, and remember that "second rule is: be nice to mommy!"

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