Saturday, 16 October 2010

E-Commerce I'm Coming!

I did my first partnership, in 2 weeks my shop on line will sell unique bags (only 1 bag of that kind produced) entirely Made in Italy from a very cool stylist (you will know who is the next week).
Stay tuned, because for the first month of life the shop will give big discounts,... and is only the first initiative!
Soon I will post all the links!

My new blog, now is open

Hi Everyone,
perhaps you know me, or perhaps not, I'm Umberto a student fascinated in Business Strategy, Non Conventional Marketing and many other things.
I wanted to open my blog in order to share my experience and do new experiences also in this frame... yes because since a bit of time I have some experiences, ideas, thoughts, that I would like to share.
I'm studing Business Administration in Pisa, Italy, I'm working for some companies as strategic. business internazionalization, marketing and human resources consultant and at the same time I proposed myself to open an e-commerce activity.
I love my girlfriend, friends and fun. And I love what I do.

Waiting my new posts and blog implementation,
I would like to start with some thanksgiving:
I would like to thank AIESEC that helped me to grow, and developed my entrepreneural skills... and also gived me a lot of friend from all over the world
I would like to thank Jerry of Cycling Holidays and Bike Expeditions in Italy that pushed me in doing this blog and that ever share with me his communication and business experiences.
and last but not least my girlfriend Oriana and my family that ever support me and my ideas.