Monday, 25 October 2010

Internet for peace - Wired. Why disagreement borns

The last year was born an initiative: I'm not talking about "Berlusconi for Nobel Paece Price 2010" (excellent viral), but about "Internet for Nobel Peace Price 2010": movement that inspired people and istitutions all over the world, that came to life because of the will of Wired to take position into a so touchy issue.

In this short post I don't want to discuss about the creative genius that create this initiative neither about why Wired felt this need for its launch, but about people's reactions produced from this action, that at the end is what really matters.

As every initiative, as every taking office, that has a weight, this had supporters and protester; my question is: marketing considers more important that the community, in which Wired focus, sees the initiative positively or that most of the people (including "Wired community") see it as good? I ask myself this because in my opinion the problem, looking to the rooth, is only one, and its solution could, perhaps, make everybody happy (including its referential community) and so make the initiative more succesful.

Reading Ninjamarketing's scoop article, people's feedbacks (in favour of and against the initiative) can be summarize to 2:

  •  "This campaing is cool because supported an important initiative"
  •  "This kind of issues/initiative have not to be supported for marketing purposes"

[is a bit as the debate provoked by Machiavelli: purpose justifies the way?]

Behind the second feedback I recognize simply a need of genuineness, of sincerity, I would almost venture to say purity, from the people involved.
Probably many people felt as betrayed, and felt their feelings also betrayed. This because the purpose was not pursued for a pure value, for an ethic need, but only in order to take office on this issue and generate buzz. Probably (and this still my opinion) an initiative as this has to be pursued without considering the economic feedback that would have on the company (seems strange but probably being pursued without considering it can generate a better feedback from people).


My final evaluation:
I can't know if behind this initiative was a genuin value or not (and I hope and think that there was), but for sure this was not comunicated in the best way, so for me the idea was excellent but communication could be done better.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Ninja Way is a smart way

Today was the first day of the Seminar in:
"Non-conventional marketing, Viral Marketing and Viral DNA".
It was great!
Probably they can find a more efficent way of trainings, but still that is one of the best trainings I ever saw, because of contents, people, values,...

...I would like to became as them!

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

"Change is in the hand of digital natives" Alex Giordano

Article taken from and translated for you.

In Italy at the Roman Camp barcamp Youmark interviewing our Alex Giordano, a member of the Scientific Committee under the thematic "innovology" and strategic planner of Ninja LAB, the laboratory that developed the strategic creative viral campaign "If I were the Minister...".

We report here the main steps of the interview with Frank Maute, while here you can find the complete article [in italian language].

The reporter asked to Alex Giordano, how crowdsourcing can grow to serve even the most noble causes of the country ...

"There is a generational attitude that enjoys of media universe far more complex, featuring an integrated use of media, with the possibility of establishing feedback and reports online. And is not about just technological opportunities, but about the birth of a new way of being citizens, becoming real 'media', that can have can tell their opinions, in an active way. Individual characters that give a sense of contribution to the community through blogging, or sharing of posts on social media.

Entering a new ecosystem
In this sense, 2.0 universe appears to be almost obsolete, we are moving into a new ecosystem, made by its component technologies (ex: social media), but also by the community imagined by those who frequent it. The critical aspect is the value. A certain attitude to the use of these facilities provides, in fact, a vertical reflow of relationship between power and citizens, beyond the market, towards a dynamic of horizontal relationships to recirculate transparency and meritocracy.

From an evolutionary point of view, Web 2.0 has recovered the survival human instinct. Behind the words coogeneration and network society are hidden values as solidarity, authenticity, relationships, as opposed to individualism that seems to pervade our offline reality. The conversations in social media are between communities, not between individuals, so it's interesting to see the "linking value" that this communities give to their being together. The sense of the spontaneous and free action online is finalized to the social action, if we do not have friends on Facebook, what can be its meaning?

Change is in the hands of digital natives
Change is in the hands of digital natives, of the very young people that will mature, at cognitive level, the ability to such means. In this we are only just at the beginning. Today, all the attention still on social media aspect, trying to find a way to interact opportunistically with the new, reiterating the old mindset. Our idea, however, has always been to work from bottom to undermine the old ways, to bring new values. We need to stop to see the media as something on which invest, but as a new ecosystem to learn from. And the companies are not ready to do it, so marketing can only pollute the inevitable evolutionary journey. It should stop being decided at the table, but it should open itself up to what people say... while walking, eating, or are in front of the PC. Because imagination's role is passing from marketing's hands departments to those of citizens.

Because of this marketing's future isn't in big corporations' the hands, but in the new start-ups' hands. United in Network to move from marketing to societing, in a less predatory way. Companies, in fact, must learn to overcome narrow confines of reasoning to its market, to feel themselves 100% social subjects, working in a social context. And it is the only way to exit from bankruptcy and from the present crisis. "

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

"Gillette Future Champion" spot*

Waka Waka, Shakira's video, is one of the most viewed video of the year... and reached many views in a very short time: a lot of people searched for it, many people share it on his blog, facebook page, myspace and so on... a sort of viral video without the usual characteristic that the company Go viral! and others listed that a viral video need to have.
For sure being one of the official World Soccer Championship songs played a fundamental marketing role.
In my opinion had an important role also to have scenes from the last championships.

Is not the first time that soccer is the issue of a viral video (do you remember Ronaldinho and his 5 hits to the crossbar?)

Now, we have also this video made from Gillet for its Gillette Future Champion campaign, also this as the previous from EU in my opinion is nice, but is missing something... still that have cool soccer scenes.
What is your opinion about this video?
(if you want to vote it, go here LINK) my opinion, one of the many characteristic that a viral video needs is innovation in order to strike people!

*Gillette Future Champion is a video promoted by Goviralnetwork

Monday, 18 October 2010

Campaigns against smoke*

A campaign against cigarettes and smoke in general is not a news, and I have a different vision of "Viral", by the way I think that, the next, is pretty cool as video, also considering that is an EU initiative:

What do you think about it?
Is, or not, viral?
Do you feel to share it?
If yes, why? If not, why?
Comment it! =))

*This video is promoted by Goviralnetwork

Sunday, 17 October 2010

My favourite Viral Video of the week

I will translate Ninjamarketing's [LINK] article and post the video:

"Sometimes a penny change your life! Did you ever find one cent on the ground? Well, Vodafone has recently launched a network made of beautiful candid camera on the road.

Who was going to collect the first penny was rewarded with unexpected and folkloristic ways!

It's a wonderful idea for "viralize" the new Vodafone's promotion campaing 1 cent!

Production: Fabbriche Virali
Seeding: The Viral Factory

Also as part of the promotion campaign 1 cent on October 16 at 15.30 at the Trevi Fountain (Rome) Vodafone will try to enter in the Guinness Word Records Book launching most coins as none ever did at the same time."

Saturday, 16 October 2010

E-Commerce I'm Coming!

I did my first partnership, in 2 weeks my shop on line will sell unique bags (only 1 bag of that kind produced) entirely Made in Italy from a very cool stylist (you will know who is the next week).
Stay tuned, because for the first month of life the shop will give big discounts,... and is only the first initiative!
Soon I will post all the links!

My new blog, now is open

Hi Everyone,
perhaps you know me, or perhaps not, I'm Umberto a student fascinated in Business Strategy, Non Conventional Marketing and many other things.
I wanted to open my blog in order to share my experience and do new experiences also in this frame... yes because since a bit of time I have some experiences, ideas, thoughts, that I would like to share.
I'm studing Business Administration in Pisa, Italy, I'm working for some companies as strategic. business internazionalization, marketing and human resources consultant and at the same time I proposed myself to open an e-commerce activity.
I love my girlfriend, friends and fun. And I love what I do.

Waiting my new posts and blog implementation,
I would like to start with some thanksgiving:
I would like to thank AIESEC that helped me to grow, and developed my entrepreneural skills... and also gived me a lot of friend from all over the world
I would like to thank Jerry of Cycling Holidays and Bike Expeditions in Italy that pushed me in doing this blog and that ever share with me his communication and business experiences.
and last but not least my girlfriend Oriana and my family that ever support me and my ideas.