Sunday, 17 October 2010

My favourite Viral Video of the week

I will translate Ninjamarketing's [LINK] article and post the video:

"Sometimes a penny change your life! Did you ever find one cent on the ground? Well, Vodafone has recently launched a network made of beautiful candid camera on the road.

Who was going to collect the first penny was rewarded with unexpected and folkloristic ways!

It's a wonderful idea for "viralize" the new Vodafone's promotion campaing 1 cent!

Production: Fabbriche Virali
Seeding: The Viral Factory

Also as part of the promotion campaign 1 cent on October 16 at 15.30 at the Trevi Fountain (Rome) Vodafone will try to enter in the Guinness Word Records Book launching most coins as none ever did at the same time."

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