Tuesday, 19 October 2010

"Gillette Future Champion" spot*

Waka Waka, Shakira's video, is one of the most viewed video of the year... and reached many views in a very short time: a lot of people searched for it, many people share it on his blog, facebook page, myspace and so on... a sort of viral video without the usual characteristic that the company Go viral! and others listed that a viral video need to have.
For sure being one of the official World Soccer Championship songs played a fundamental marketing role.
In my opinion had an important role also to have scenes from the last championships.

Is not the first time that soccer is the issue of a viral video (do you remember Ronaldinho and his 5 hits to the crossbar?)

Now, we have also this video made from Gillet for its Gillette Future Champion campaign, also this as the previous from EU in my opinion is nice, but is missing something... still that have cool soccer scenes.
What is your opinion about this video?
(if you want to vote it, go here LINK)

...in my opinion, one of the many characteristic that a viral video needs is innovation in order to strike people!

*Gillette Future Champion is a video promoted by Goviralnetwork

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