Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Innovation, creativity and sustainability

Creativity World Forum, November 2010 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma: creativity is “the driving force behind our greatest ideas, our most comprehensive solutions, and our most profitable enterprises.”

Who ever found the courage to say that sustainability cost more (in terms of efforts and money)? 
...to follow sustainability give the chances to develop and innovate ourselves, our community and our business.

The research "Why Sustainability Is Now The Key Driver Of Innovationby R. Nidumolu, C.K. Prahalad, and M.R. Rangaswami published by Harvard Business Review (September 2009), proves the opposit. ...the wonderful thing is that they do it by examples analyzing also how and why development and innovation come out from the choice to have sustainability as business objective.

What is needed is the truly belief that everything can be made in a more sustainable way, that this can bring advantage (if made with the right efforts and ideas) and that the research of a better future is needed and possible. ...then is needed to put energy, creativity and strenght of will in each action that we do each single day! 

...They do, as one of the many examples, the one of ForEx, that looking for a more sustainable business found the way to save fuel and so have less costs; they do the example of Wal-Mart and Unilever that worked (and are working) for a more sustainable Supply Chain, reducing also them the cost related to it... or also Waste Management that created a new profitable business...

All this, say the Authors, happen' through 4 Stages:

1: Viewing Compliance as Opportunity
2: Making Value Chains Sustainable
3: Designing Sustainable Products and Seervices
4: Developing New Business Models

Each of this stage has some challeges, some competencies development needed, and innovation opportunities... 

At familiar level we can do the example of building, and live in an "intelligent building" that helps to reduce cost related to energy, water and gas usually.

Until now we did mostly example on Enviromental Sustainability, so I would like to do also other examples, because sustainability comes also from Community Development, from follow Human Rights principles,...

We can take the example of "The Enabling City" that propose the rediscovery of participation in order to boost creativity as "added value" and make it available to community finalized to reach the objective of "urban sustainability"

My last example will be Lush one: Lush tries to do everything in the better and most sustainable way that they can, in everything they do. ...they work with their suppliers (that they see as partners) in order to develop them and the community where they work in; Lush give financial aid to social projects; do the most eco-friendly products that they can,... Result: their workers are really addicted to them and feel something like loyalty and gratitude to their company, they feel part of the firm, from the bottom of it to the highest executive... this happens also thank you to their inclusiveness in some of this activities.
As proofe I will ask you this: in which other place can you find the shop assistants do something like this without taking revenue or other benefit back?
Lush Shop Assistant doing a campaign for products without packaging

We only need to believe in a better future, a sustainable future...
Innovation, Development, two words that have no sense if not integrated to a sustainable meaning.

What do you think about it?

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