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Revelations from a movie director: Francesco Giusiani

Francesco Giusiani, born in 1985
I'm here with Francesco Giusiani, one of the italian movie directors with most potential at national and international level.
I would like to let you know that he promised me he will answer your question/comments in this post. =)

First of all I'm going to present him:
Born in 1985, in Pisa, he made his first movie when he was 13 years old. His movie has been immediately appreciated from the national scene. He took  the Bachelor and Master degree in "Literature - Cinema, Music and Theater" in Pisa, speeding up the regular times. After his Master Degree he has been admitted to the "ACT Multimedia, school of cinema and television". While in, one of his short film (made without any kind of production and money) was projected at Cannes Festival in the Short Film Corner section, and this year his shortcut has been accepted for running at Donatello's David cinema prize competition. Waiting to know how will go to the Donatello's David he is writing a script with Cristiano Bortone winner of David Prize for Juniors in 2007.

Going to the first question:
Which is the way/technique that you use in order to have/develop ideas? 
I ever start from a subject in which I find an interesting issue, and then I start to create, develop, think until I find a block halt. At this time, it depends from the kind of block halt. I can ask myself particular questions, different from the questions directly linked to the block, and think about these, or I can try to don't think at all, in order to shout out rationality (at a first stage), and later check the answers that I (or better WE!) gived... aslo absurd answers. =)
I use this kind of 2 techinques in particular for problems related to plot.
For how much concerns "characters blocks" I usually try to draw on my knowledge about myself tring to empathize with the character and deepen on this, approaching this way genuininess. Genuininess brings credibility, is because of this that I use this technique.

There is also another important factor, that is needed to keep in mind: knowledge, that is equivalent to a structure in which channel creativity.
I will explain myself better explaining the creation phases:
  1. "What"? 
  2. "Planning principle" it's about the look... in my area is the film's meaning from the narrative perspective... is the juice that stimulate the story
  3. "Theme" from the author point of view
  4. "Subject" how will come out
  5. "Structure" ...that needs to be uniform, everything needs a why and an objective
all this is matched with creativity... 
Francesco Giusiani on set
Is also important to remember that there are no rules written on stones, but only knowing it we can choose to don't follow it.
I would like to do an example in order to let you understand how everything works...
Sacher Cake has the same recipe everywhere, but you can eat it good or not, depending from where and who made it, which ingredients used,...

How do you evaluete the crowdsourcing initiative made in order to capitalize in collective creativity in moviemaking industry?
In my opinion  are excellent initiatives. Using the examples of scipts I think, since ever, that deal the most people possible in writing is the best.

The important thing is to capitalize the many ideas in the right way. For example if there is a person that manage the crowsourcing process, something like a moderator, this has to know at least the script basics... is needed to know how to go deep with people because is not sure everyone knows the issue, the technical language,... you have to be ready to interact with different individuals with different knowledge. Thinking about this I find very attractive something like a script meeting with people from all the 5 World's continents. 
In my opinion the crowsourcing techniques will have a future. Especially in this industry, where to failure is ever less welcome because is becoming ever more simple to let failure the entire production company failing a movie.

Which is movie industry's future? How do you think it will develop? 
Techincally talking, the last border is 3D, obviously... we will wait to arrive to stop using glasses in order to see 3D.
...Moviemaking problem is money, movie industry is a very expansive machine... there are very excellent professionals, prepared to work in team, and this is needed in order to have a good product. In Italy, for example, the industry is made by many little productions, without money... this in order to say that in development terms every State/Nation is a particular case. The italian enviroment has a high potential, production companies come from all over the world, also from US, in order to take advantage of our workers, but we miss investments...

Today what is missing to moviemaking industry in your opinion? Which kind of innovative business is needed in order to satisfy this kind of needing?
I feel the need for this industry of a cheaper instrument for technical education...
It can be useful also an instrument useful to approach professionals with newbies and rookies... Today without being in the right network and without money is not possible to work... for example a platform for work sharing, with people in it, categorizing, examining/testing each one for a specific job (phonics, cameramans, editors, directors,...) that gives everyone a price for a work, basing on the professional level demonstrate it at the exam.

Last question, which is your suggestion for every single person that would like to start a carrier in movies industry?
To have a lot of  good will and patience. To never give up... tests are there not in order to stop you to reach your objectives but in order to toughen you and let you reach them.

Thank you Francesco, hope to see you soon!
Do you have questions or comments? =)
*Interview made in italian and translated from the author

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