Monday, 21 March 2011

2 ways to don't waste assets?

...This is the generating station, the powerbridge, projected by Francesco Colarossi, Giovanna Saracino and Luisa Saracino.
2 Days ago I was thinking to what I would like to write here today... and here my idea: 2 ways to capitalize on something already existing. 2 Ways to don't waste assets...

The first, founded some months ago on Ninjamarketing is about the bridge abovementioned. The idea was: bridge are ever hit by sun and wind so why don't use them as generating station? I find this an excellent example of implementation of something that can be implemented but nobody do it!
What this bridge have of fantastic is that is planned for energy creation through wind and solar energy, while being a wonderful art sight... and with a cool panoramic view from the road. ...providing energy to something like 15000 houses with a very reduced enviromental impact! 
As you can se, is something that everybody could think, but nobody did it, and here we can see the brilliance... also us can exercise ourseleves thinking of everything we waste, so let's do it(!), at the end a lot of successful (and sustainable) ideas, and businesses, strated answering in a simple way to a question... (with the idea responding to a need)

Another thing that I wanted to report is about this phone box. As we know phone box are ever less useful, because of the ever growing spread of mobiles. So here a creative idea of redesign in a smart way this poor, lonely phone box: 

as acquarium!

This happened in Paris... i founded about it in a blog, but I don't remember which is, so sorry if I'm not linking it.

This are 2 smart ways to redesign something in order to create something useful, what do you thing about it?

Which is your idea? Did you ever think about redefining something? Did you ever work in order to see something different from it's original being?

At the end this is a kind of intelligence: to see in something what other people don't see (in artistic or business sense makes no difference)

So let's try to give us 5 minutes a day in redefining things differently!

And let's check the results... brain can be trained!! 

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